Thursday, January 28, 2010

Seeing The One Creek In Many

When you look at Beaver Creek, what are you seeing?  It depends on how you look.  There are three primary ways to look at the creek.  The first way is to look at the boundless space that contains the many illusory perceptions of the creek and its inhabitants, like seeing a mirror and its reflections.  This method is not used or considered by science.  In science there are two ways which are called Lagrangian and Eulerian.  The Lagrangian method is to follow a parcel of water and its inhabitants as it moves through space and time.  The Eulerian method is to remain in one location and see parcels of water and their inhabitants moving through that one place with time.  Each of these frames of reference can produce a very different picture of the creek.  Which is the right picture?  This example shows that our perception of things and beings is dependant on the frame of reference that we choose.  In essence, the things and beings that we see are only apparent as our perceptions and do not exist as independent entities.  They are empty of being isolated objects and exist in relation to each other.  Definitions of inside and outside, self and other are arbitrary and illusory.  

How confusing is this?  If we take perceptions to be real then it is very confusing because the perceptions change constantly and cannot be objectified.  We are constantly seeing and reacting to things that are not there.  If we take perceptions to be apparent but not real, then we are not confused because we remember that our frames of reference and the perceptions that are included in them change constantly, in a playful dance of energy.  We can react to perceptions in a relaxed way, without clinging to fixed ideas.  If you look at the boundless empty space that contains the creek, you will see where this playful energy emerges from and dissolves back into.  An open mind relaxes perception and allows energy and form to flow freely.  We begin seeing the one creek in the many frames of reference and perceptions that make up our interdependent world. 

Opening up our minds to fresh boundless space that is without frame of reference is fun and helps everyone remember that we all share energy and form together, without the boundaries of self and other.  Immediately we are free of conflict and contradiction and feel at home on the creek. 
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