Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Mirror Of The Mind

Consider the mirror.  A mirror is an object with at least one reflective surface.  While anything can appear in it, the mirror is not changed by appearing images.  If the reflective surface becomes clouded or distorted by impurity or wind, then the image changes.  Still the mirror is not changed by the image, the image is changed by the mirror.
Mind is a mirror.  In it we see thoughts, perceptions, and emotions that are reflections of the causes and conditions which surround us.  Strangely we have lost perspective and identify the thoughts and perceptions as us, the self.  I feel, see, or think this or that way.  Returning to the natural state, our gaze is shifted to the mirror of the mind and we see the reflective surface in which everything arises.  This surface is called awareness and is spacious enough to include whatever may appear.  Images, thoughts, and emotions appear from the reflective surface as luminous movements of awareness, which we do not cling to.  So in the natural state, we are awareness; open, spontaneous, and responsive.
How peaceful to be luminous space rather than a confused self composed of constantly changing thoughts, perceptions, and emotions.  Wildness reminds us of this natural state that has always been and is not created or destroyed by causes and conditions.   
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