Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Difference Of Perception

On a fine summer morning the fog rolls into the marsh off of the Pacific Ocean.  The air is still and the sun warming.  Bird song echos over the creek and the water is filled with sparkles of sun light on its slightly rippled surface.  Sitting with a kayak in a grass bed beside the marsh bank, everything conspires to a sense of overwhelming bliss, with mind and body gently relaxed on the mirror of awareness.  

Out of the distance a fisherman comes slowly, in a boat pushed by a trolling motor.  We see each other, nod hello and comment on the delightful nature of the morning.  We agree that the morning here does not get more perfect, with the lack of wind and the warm, sweet sense of joy on the water.  Then he says, "It would be even better if I caught a fish".  I note "Ah, the fisherman's dilemma".  He turns and laughs in recognition of his longing.  Perfect moments could only be improved by making them imperfect and then replacing with other perfection.  A dilemma is a choice between two equally undesirable alternatives.  In the fisherman's dilemma, choice between not having caught a fish, and not being able to catch a fish.  The morning remains perfectly joyful when not distracted by imperfect choice.

Given the opportunity, wildness gives the undistracted moments in which we can experience our joy in the perfection of no choice.  Any other distracting choices bind us to less perfect moments of desire and repulsion.  Experiencing nature releases the chains of distraction and wanting.  A breeze through the trees, a flower in full color and scent, bird song echoing, and a bird flight leaving no tracks in the sky; favorite things that bring a sense of ease.  These perceptions do not argue and discuss or make choices.  They do not have opinions and defend their point of view.  They simply give a sense of wonder and fill the morning with joy, warmth, and light. 

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