Wednesday, August 25, 2010

View: Expanse Of Space

Trails are marked in the Beaver Creek State Natural Area.  There is much to explore and many vistas around hill curves;  looking out over marsh, forest, and the sea.  I walked from the entrance to the marsh on N. Beaver Creek Rd., through the marsh to the footbridge across Beaver Creek, then clockwise around the hill and up to the top of the hill.  After enjoying the view from the top of the hill, walked down and out of the park at the entrance from S. Beaver Creek Rd.  

The view is when you are at the top of your world and look out and up into space.  You are introduced to space.  Space includes everything and is the foundation for perception.  Everything rests on space.  Meditation is to decide on this recognition, that it is free and open; always available to you.  Action is to rest in this space, with all movement dissolving in timeless awareness.

We enjoy the view as we recognize the open nature of our perceptions.  We receive a big picture and relax our concepts into creative pulses of breath and heartbeats; the movement of awareness.

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