Monday, September 6, 2010

How We See

We see our visual world through reflected light in the mind.  This light can be captured and explored through photography.  By looking at the seamless boundary of object and reflection, we can see the continuum of mind, which is luminous space.  The sun appears in water as a thousand reflections (sparkles); so too colors and shapes appear in mind.  Reflections reveal our nature, as light is returned to us from objects, waking or dreaming.  We name these reflections perception, emotion, and thought.  Calmly looking, we can see that mind is not altered by its perceptions, just as mirrors are not altered by reflections.  All apparent and hidden things (this and that) arise from, rest on, and dissolve into radiant space, which remains unchanging.  Our world and us in it are reflections in the vast mirror of space, the lucid and radiant mother of all.  We are not separate from our reflections; like the sun reflected a thousand times in water is not separate from the radiant sun in space.

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dcp said...

great, wise post, Michael. Helps explain what we were talking about at Ona Beach.