Saturday, October 2, 2010

Park Opening Day

Opening day at the Beaver Creek State Natural Area.  On a cloudy, coastal day speakers for the dedication included:  Jean Cowen, State Representative;  Davis Moriuchi, Chair, Oregon Parks and Recreation Commission; Ted Kulongoski, Governor of Oregon; Terry Thompson, Lincoln County Commissioner; and Esther Lev, Executive Director, The Wetlands Conservancy.  Friends gathered and shared memories and aspirations.  A ribbon was cut, music from 'Coin of the Realm' enjoyed, and refreshments served.    

A big day for Beaver Creek marsh, where the people gathered and remembered the value of wetlands and wildness.  Looking forward to a bright future for Beaver Creek watershed and the plants, animals, and humans that visit and live in it.  So many people, communities, organizations, and agencies have been involved with this conservation effort, which continues forward with new acquisitions and conservation easements.  There is a heartfelt commitment to bring the legacy of wildness into the future for the benefit of all.  Thank you for this grace.

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dcp said...

CONGRATULATIONS and thanks for the incredible work you have both done help this happen.