Sunday, February 7, 2010

All Tied Up By Spiders

This morning was one of those that has a dense fog in the valley before dawn.  When the sun rises the fog begins to lift and there is bright sun shining at a low angle.  You can see the individual fog droplets rising in the air as buoyant balloons of water filled with rainbow sheen as the sunlight passes through them.  All around in the bushes and fences are spider webs with the same rainbow sheen.  Everything is tied up by the spiders in the night and the morning looks like a package with ribbons of silk.  These times I can see that there are so many spiders everywhere.  It is amazing to see that they have strung webbing between distant branches and fencing and throughout the field.  They must have been flying through the air.  

Posted by michael

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dcp said...

Great shots, Michael. The third one especially.