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Early Surveying And Mapping On Beaver Creek, Part 2

1882 GLO Survey Map

In a previous post an early GLO map (1882) of the lower Beaver Creek Marsh showed that the creek bed ran approximately in the position of the present County Road 602.  We assume that the GLO survey map was accurate. Lets look at some later maps to see if Beaver Creek changed its course.

ca. 1898-1904 Survey Plat Map

1916 Survey Plat Map
Survey plat maps from ca. 1898-1904 and 1916 show that a large increase in land ownership occurred and that lower Beaver Creek had not changed its course from 1882.  

1937 Beaver Lake Club Proposed Development Map

A 1937 map of the proposed development for the Beaver Lake Club shows a clearly altered course for lower Beaver Creek.  Apparently the creek bed was altered sometime between 1916 and 1937.  We are searching for map records and oral histories within this time to help identify when the change occurred and what the probable causes were.  

©1950 Metsker Maps

©1984 USGS Topographic Map

Interestingly in the 1937 map, Beaver Creek flows straight into the Pacific Ocean.  In the 1950 map, the mouth begins to curve and has meandered to a more northerly position.  The 1984 map shows even more pronounced bends in the creek mouth.  In recent years the creek has changed again towards a straighter path into the Pacific Ocean.  

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