Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Shaping Intention

One of the advantages of being with the marsh is the shaping of intention.  This cryptic statement exposes the power of the marsh and other natural places.  Being in nature, next to the marsh, beach, or walking in the forest lifts our spirit and mood.  This lifting arises from the wonder and suspension of thinking that we experience in the presence of what cannot be immediately understood.  Our intention is lifted with the mystery of the marsh.  Seeking to know the marsh, we name and locate items that compose the marsh.  These objects change with the season and weather, and the marsh remains, an unknown, mystery that is clearly apparent.

Intention is important because it is the stage in our thinking where we can control outcomes.  Once thought has left the stage of intention, it is surrounded and shaped by material objects and tends to be limited by their potential.  Intention is only limited by the heart.  If our intention is positive, then positive outcomes will result.  If our intention is neutral or negative, than neutral or negative outcomes will result.  The mystery of marsh and other natural places gives us the space to shape positive intentions.  When we are surrounded by negative intentions, such as aggression, greed, attachment, jealousy, and fear, then our lives are filled with objects and outcomes that reflect these intentions.

In this season of light, where we all celebrate the winter solstice and the returning of the light through various religious or spiritual rituals, take time to shape intention towards love, kindness, peace, and good will towards all beings.  Walking with nature can facilitate this intention-shaping by reminding us that we are part of a powerful world that depends on intention and the outcomes that flow from intention.  Our most powerful actions are the shaping of intention, as they control the placement of objects and outcomes in our lives.  

When we are feeling good about ourselves and the world, then everybody is a friend.  When our mood is low and dark, then enemies and trouble stalk our spirits.  We have the choice.  Shape positive intention before being carried away by negative emotion.  Keep forming positive intention until the world is filled with positive thoughts and outcomes.  They will shape the future and our legacy. 

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