Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Spirit Of Christmas

The spirit of Christmas is a jolly fellow who comes from a long line of relatives in the book of mythology.  There is much debate and opinion about the merits of telling children that a later day relative of St. Nicholas, Santa Claus, exists and brings gifts to good children on Christmas day.  Other serious adults declare the season of "bah humbug" and turn in for a long winter nap.  This arguing and discussion is the meandering of adults lost in the seeming solidity of their vision of things as they are.  Of course Santa Claus and all of his helpers and relatives exist and continue to appear in this season of winter.  Look around you and see the people scurrying around thinking and emoting about all of their religious, spiritual, and secular traditions, as they procure good foods, drink, and presents for all they care about.  We all embody the spirit of Christmas, whatever our creed and affiliations, when we turn our minds to the light and benefit of warm heart and kindness.  Santa Claus is the magical manifestation of our thoughts and actions.  He is a reminder to expand our horizons.  When we recognize the space of generosity, we are filled with kinship to all of the family who goes before us and reminded of the generations to come.  We can give them the legacy of clean air, water, energy (fire), and land.   

It is clear to me that charity, generosity, compassion, and love are lights that fill this season with the joy of renewal and boundless aspirations for peace in hearts and minds.  Santa Claus is but one manifestation of this season greeting.  May we all enjoy and appreciate the boundless gratitude that warms our hearts in the middle of winter, when the sun begins its bright return to the summer ease and warmth. 

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