Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Meeting On The Curve

Meet me on the curve, where the rainbow, sky, and pure aspirations sing.  We can make beautiful music together, watching the colors fade and brighten as the rain passes by our tipped hats in the morning sun.

If you can smash through a single thought,
Then all deluded thinking will suddenly be stripped off.
You will feel
Like a flower in the sky that casts no shadows,
Like a bright sun emitting boundless light,
Like a limpid pond, transparent and clear.
After experiencing this,
There will be immeasurable feelings of light and ease,
And a sense of liberation.
There is nothing marvelous or extraordinary about it.
Do not rejoice and wallow in this ravishing experience.
If you do, then the Mara of Joy will possess you.
-   Han Shan Te'-Ch'ing, 1600

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