Monday, January 17, 2011

High Water

We have had 7.6 inches of rain in the last five days, of which 5.4 inches came in the last two days.  So now the marsh has filled up and is coming over Beaver Creek Rd.  The last time the water was over the road was after the storm in February 6-8, 1996.  That time there was 8.3 inches of rain in three days (see Period of Record Daily Summary Stats in link) and there was 2 feet of water on the road.  These storms are associated with large streams of water coming from the tropical Pacific Ocean and are sometimes called "Pineapple Express".  I read an article recently that talked about Atmospheric River Storms (ARkSTORMS).  These are hugh storms coming off the Pacific Ocean that bring large amounts of water to land.  They act like rivers in the atmosphere.  The storms are modeled after storms that came to California in 1861-1862.  Apparently the ARkSTORMS are bigger than the "Pineapple Express" storms.  Are you ready?

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