Friday, January 7, 2011

Giving And Taking; Sending And Receiving

There is a perennial christmas tree in the Beaver Creek marsh.  A small mystery is maintained by joyful citizens joking around with the cultural signs and signals.  It reminds me of the give and take in this world.  We give our appreciation and joy to the wild.  The wild gives us well being and life force.  We are connected in a cause and effect manner and cannot be separated into ego-bound entities.  Any attempt to claim separation and isolation is a fools errand that ends in confusion and fear.  Relax and remember your birthright in wildness.  The writing of this tale is on the water; appears and disappears as quickly as the breeze passes.  Like breath, we constantly move the surface of our consciousness and recount the bright moments.

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dcp said...

Two great posts, Michael.