Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Meeting I: Ego Lost It's Way

The picture shows some bones of a beaver beside Beaver Creek marsh, picked clean by scavengers.  This can happen when death naturally appears after life.  Where did the beaver go?  Did you stop to think about who an I is?  This thing that we refer to as I, the ego, is a slippery thing.  We talk about I this and my that, but we really have no idea what we are referring to.  Can you see I?  Sure we see I as parts of something; hands, feet, toes, ears, eyes, brain, heart.  But we never see I, only parts.  Even in a mirror, the image is reversed.  I constantly changes, like a river.  

There is a contradiction in our thinking.  We say that we are independent objects, beings.  At the same time we say that we are subjects living in a cause and effect world.  But we don't really believe this.  For cause and effect to work, subjects, objects, and conditions must be connected.  Our claimed I independence places us apart from others and worldly conditions and denies cause and effect.  We have endless arguments and discussions about opinions based on false assumptions of independence.  Cause and effect only works when there is interdependence; when things are related and connected.  This relationship of connections occurs through the medium of space.  We are all contained in space.  We are space; ask a physicist.  Just like you cannot see I, you cannot see space.  You know what space is and find it everywhere.  It holds you like a warm mother, connecting you to all other creatures.  When you reject space as a nihilistic vacuum, you reject interdependence and cause and effect.  You are alone in egoville.  

Because we are dependent on space, we are connected to all other beings and conditions.  Maybe our false assumption of independence is the source of so much sickness and fear.  We isolate ourselves from others and from the consequences of our actions.  Relax and enjoy luminous space which contains all stars, sun and moon, beings, and your thoughts as they cascade down the mountainside of your illusory ego that lost its way in independence.  

The beaver lived and died in Beaver Creek marsh.  Space did not make a distinction of this beaver, and simply accepted it into open arms.  The beaver appeared, remained, and dissolved in space; wonderful, warm, illuminating space which comforts us all with its unbounded love and compassion.

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